Country status

  • Regional Biosafety Workshop  30 November – 4 December 2009 Bangkok, Thailand new
  • Nomination to Participate in the Regional Training Workshop on Risk Assessment and Management of GM Crops, Japan, 26-29 July 2005 
    The project secretariat invites nomination from National Focal Points for one participant each country to participate in the regional training workshop to be held in Japan.
  • Risk Communication Manual 
    This new project publication is now available for download
  • Third Focal Points Meeting, 11-12 March 2005
    The project will hold its Third Focal Points Meeting on March 11-12, 2005 at FAO-RAP, Bangkok, Thailand. During the meeting the following will be taken up: 1) country report (present status of the national biosafety program; 2) accomplishments of the project; 3) work plan; and 4) the Asian Bionet activity.
  • Regional Training Workshop
    The second regional training workshop on Public Awareness and Participation with emphasis on Risk Communication was jointly conducted by the project with the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) of the Department of Agriculture, Philippines in Manila from 21-25 June 2004. Twenty-one researchers (8 male and 15 female) attended the training workshop. The resource persons were from the government, the industry and NGOs.
  • National Training Workshops
    In cooperation with the National Focal Points nine national Training Workshops were conducted from May to October 2004. The topics of each workshop depended on the priority need of the country in terms of its biosafety activities. However, all of the topics taken up geared towards the development or strengthening of each country’s National Biosafety Framework. Countries which have conducted their national training workshops were: Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. (Summary of national workshops, PDF)
  • Second Focal Points Meeting
    The second focal points meeting was held from 11-12 March 2004 at FAO-RAP Office in Bangkok. During the meeting the following were discussed: 1) status of the Biosafety of the project in each country; 2) presentation and discussion of the benchmark document; 3) approval of the 2004-2005 work plan; 4) long-term strategy; 5) management of the Asian Bionet website.
    In addition to the focal points and project secretariat, the representative from the donor country, FAO-RAP officers and representative from other international and national agencies in Thailand working on biotechnology attended the meeting.
  • Benchmark Document in Biosafety of GM Crops in Asia
    The benchmark document prepared by Dr. Anupam Varma is now available. This document highlights the advances in Biotechnology of each participating country and the status of capacity building in biosafety of GM crops (see publication and shared document).

Dr Nobuyuki Kabaki
Biotechnology/ Biosafety Expert
Regional Project on Capacity Building in Biosafety on GM Crops in Asia (GCP/RAS/185/JPN)
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FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Maliwan Mansion
39 Phra Atit Road, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
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